1 Feb 2018, 10:14 a.m.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) published has published the National Maternity Survey and the results reveal the responses from women who had given birth in February 2017.

Women were asked questions about all aspects of their maternity care from the first time they saw a clinician or midwife, during labour and birth, through to the care provided at home in the weeks following the arrival of their baby.

Some highlights for our hospitals:

  • We scored 9.2/10 for labour and birth, with a better than average score for advice and support at the start of their labour and 9.8/10 for partners reported being as involved as they wanted to be
  • Staff during labour and birth also scored highly, with a better than expected score for concerns being taken seriously; for clear communication during labour and birth and for being treated with respect and dignity
  • For the care in hospital section, we scored better than the national average for length of hospital stay and also for information and explanations following birth.

While we were very pleased with all of our results, these highlighted areas demonstrate how clearly we are focused on the experience of our parents, and how important personalised, individual care is to us.