Today is Overseas NHS Workers Day

1 Mar 2024, 8 a.m.

Overseas NHS Workers Day is a recognition of the extraordinary contribution that people who have migrated to the UK have made in the fight against COVID-19 and the diverse skills and experiences these individuals have brought to the NHS.

We asked you to share who you thought provides invaluable contributions to our overseas colleagues in our Trust and here are some of the responses we've had:

Hiromi Uzu - Clinical Trials Team

Hiromi is indefatigably hard working, bringing constant 100% dedication to her job as a research nurse to the point where she shoulders an unfairly large portion of the work in a team subject to a lot of change, both staff and organisational. At the same time, she also brings in recruits and students into the work that she work that she does so being associated with her means that you learn and contribute rather than being left without direction.

All of our overseas Radiographers - Radiology

We have had a large number of overseas-educated Radiographers join us in the department over the last few years, and they are incredibly valued within the team. They have all settled in immensely well to the NHS, which has been quite a feat given the current challenges and climate. They are all extremely hard-working, and flexible in their approach to providing the best care possible for our patients. Thank you to all!

Roville Acero - Endoscopy

He's a top bloke. I worked with him for two years in endoscopy and he always had time, he always had a solution, and he'd tackle problems or challenges that other people fought shy of. He was endlessly cheerful, and humorous, and everything was dealt with, everything was resolved. He would deal with situations where policy and patient needs collided and sort something out, and after working across many businesses with indifferent managers or people with little empathy or consideration, he was always an inspiration to get things done, and make sure that everybody got the treatment and help that they needed. He would sort out problems that seemed insurmountable to me, smile and say 'There's always a way.'

Dr Hamza Shaikh - Emergency Department

Not only is Hamza an excellent and inspirational clinician, but he is a consistently warm, generous and kind-hearted person in the most challenging of environments. It has not always been easy for him to gain recognition, not only within our department and health care system but also to have his qualifications and experience recognised by our national bodies. I am so pleased that he has overcome these difficulties and that our patients and colleagues get the benefit of his care. He is just a fantastic person, colleague and clinician. We are so lucky that he chose to come and work with us in Gloucestershire.

Binoy John - Ward 9b

Binoy has extensive knowledge of the specialty. How he nurtures, teaches and welcomes the overseas and other staff on the ward is highly commended. Being the band 6 nurse, he has shown good leadership and worked beyond to support the team. I would like him to be recognised by the trust, for his commitment to maintaining high standards of care and improving staff satisfaction. He is a quiet person but an asset to the trust, if I am not taking the initiative to recommend someone special like him, we will miss such real "gem" personals.

Ulahannan Benney - Catering

Benney has worked in the catering department at GRH for over 20 years as a Chef and now Head of Production. As well as his commitment to the department he has more recently supported his fellow countrymen and women by forming a community/charity group to support members who are new to the UK. This group helps members link with the rest of the community and Benney also shares job opportunities within the catering and other areas of the hospital with that group.

Karr J Marie Garcia - Stroke

Karr J is self-motivated and has made a lot of leaders in her unit. She harnesses the strengths of her colleagues and is always willing to support others. She is a matron and a pacesetter. She has core work values that align with the trust values. She goes over and beyond to support her colleagues and her team.

Sheeba Wesley - T&O Outpatients

Sheeba is an exceptional outpatient in charge staff nurse, who ensures that the team works cohesively, supports every member of staff, delegates appropriately, listens to issues and promptly acts on sorting them out, and overall ensures that the clinics run smoothly and efficiently. Hailing from India, and despite her personal health issues, Sheeba has been an exemplar "overseas NHS worker" who has worked hard, adapted to the conditions, faced all challenges, and reached a position where she positively impacts staff and patients in the Orthopaedic Outpatients at GRH.

Shybi John - Knightsbridge Ward

Shybi is a hard-working and dedicated Senior staff nurse who not only contributes wholeheartedly to patient care but is also a pillar of support to her team and especially other overseas nursing and medical staff. Shybi always puts her patients first and is always approachable and friendly.

Abdul Arain - Emergency Department

Abdul has been an asset to the department for over 18 years. He is well-versed clinically and also is a CS. However, I’ve nominated him as he has significant contributions to boosting the morale and appreciation of colleagues. He leads a project called FERF which has been going very well for the last 5 years and last year had extended to other departments. This is an anonymous way of appreciating a colleague for clinical/managerial interactions.

Camille Mata

Camille is an exceptional nurse, a sister who has made a huge difference in the Trust, especially for the newly qualified education practitioner in the Trust. She always checks on us and our patients and makes sure that patient's treatments and experiences are safely met.