New plaster room pages

23 Feb 2023, 3 p.m.

We've developed a new set of Plaster Room web pages for patients, about plasters, splints, crutches and frames.

Members of the Plaster Room team, alongside the orthopaedic department physiotherapists, have worked with the Communications team to develop a new Plaster Room area on our website for patients.

"This solution gives them everything they need in one place”

Project lead Sister Jo Davis

The new pages use videos and photographs to support the information provided, as well as advice for recovery and simple ‘dos and don’ts’ about how to care for a cast.

Project lead Sister Jo Davis from the fracture clinic explains “We’d already been using a QR code in casts to direct people to our patient formation leaflets but were aware of some similar innovations elsewhere that were much easier for patients to use. Although we offer patients advice when they leave us, we get so many phone calls with questions afterward and this solution gives them everything they need in one place”.

New QR code tape

Now launched, in addition to being promoted regularly on our social channels, a hard-wearing tape with a QR code to the Plaster Room homepage will soon be plastered into each cast so that patients have an at-hand reminder of what they need to do.

Accessibility and translation

Because it’s on our website, patients can instantly translate the information through their translation plug-in or simply by pasting the URL into an online translation service, such as Google Translate. It also means that users with vision problems can also use a screen reader to have the information read out loud to them.