6 Apr 2023, 3:16 p.m.

In response to emerging concerns about the prolonged exposure to Entonox (Gas & Air) for staff working in our maternity services, we are changing the way that this will be used, effective immediately.

For people who choose to use this form of pain relief, it will only be available via a breathing mask rather than a mouthpiece.

This is one of a range of measures that we are working on to ensure that safe levels are maintained, including increased testing of the air quality in our maternity units and associated medical engineering works.

Please note that the use of gas and air (Entonox) during labour poses no risk to women and birthing people, their babies or partners as the concerns relate to regular, long-term exposure and maintaining safe levels.

If the use of a mask to access Entonox causes you concern, please speak to your midwife.

For colleagues working in maternity services, please speak to your manager for further information and support or visit the intranet.

The type of masks used can be seen below