Volunteer application process

We do receive a high level of interest in volunteering. To help manage your expectations it is important to understand the process and the time involved in the recruitment of volunteers. Typically this process takes 2-3 weeks but is dependent upon you completing the required DBS clearance and undertaking the mandatory voluntary services training package.

1. Application form

  • The first step in volunteering with us at GHNHSFT is to complete and submit the application form. We recommend you fully review our web pages to ensure you understand what is required from you and to have considered a role that is of interest to you which will be discussed further at interview. If you cannot access the form electronically we can post you an application form. Please get in touch with us.

2. Interview

  • Once the Voluntary Services team has received your completed application form you will be contacted by the team to arrange an interview or discuss your application.
  • You will be notified of the documents you will need to bring to your interview to enable us to complete a DBS check. If you are unable to provide these documents, please notify the Voluntary Services Department to discuss the options available. You are required to confirm your attendance and the documentation you will bring to the interview. Interviews are typically carried out via Microsoft Teams but a face-to-face interview is available if this is preferable.
  • We will discuss the type of role of interest to you and, together with your availability on a weekly basis and our vacancies, we will identify a role for you.

3. Character references

  • The two referees whom you nominated on your application form will need to be contacted to provide your character reference. It is important that the referees have known you for at least two years. You can use friends, neighbours, teachers or employers, not a family member - the referees must know you and be someone you still have contact with.
  • If you would like to volunteer in the Chaplaincy department, one of your referees should be a faith leader. To discuss volunteering with our Chaplaincy Team please contact 0300 422 6200 or email them at ghn-tr.spiritualcare@nhs.net

4. Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

  • All volunteers are required to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. Your documents will be checked at the interview with the Voluntary Services team and the relevant link will be emailed to you. Or if you have been interviewed via Microsoft Teams you will be required to scan your relevant documents and the originals will be checked at your induction session.
  • If you have a criminal conviction, caution, reprimand or warning, at any time in your life, you are required to tell us. We will still consider you as a volunteer, however, you may need to attend a separate meeting to discuss any information you disclose to us. Failure to tell us may result in your application being declined.
  • If an offense is committed following your registration as a volunteer you must inform the Voluntary Services team.

5. Occupational health clearance

  • All volunteers require clearance from our Working Well team before commencing placement. The Working Well team may telephone you to assess your health and wellbeing before you commence volunteering. You will be required to bring a completed Working Well questionnaire with you to your interview.

6. Volunteer core training

  • All volunteers are required to complete our E-learning core training for volunteers package prior to commencing their volunteering role. An email with the link to the relevant training package will be sent to you. Paper folders are an option for those who cannot complete the training electronically. E-learning takes approximately 2 hours and includes topics such as confidentiality, code of conduct, fire, information governance, infection control, moving and handling, equality and diversity, safeguarding, and health & safety.

7. Induction

  • Once the recruitment process is complete you will be invited to an induction meeting to complete the final documents and receive your uniform and identification badge.
  • We will work through your local induction checklist.
  • You will then be taken to the ward/department you will be volunteering in to meet your volunteer mentor and the Departmental Manager who will show you around the Department. Typically you will undertake your first volunteer session at this time.

Contact Voluntary Services

If you have any questions or require further information on completing the online registration form, please contact the Voluntary Services team.

Gloucestershire Royal Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Great Western Road
Gloucester, GL1 3NN
Telephone: 0300 422 6648
Email: ghn-tr.voluntaryservices@nhs.net