The Patient Support Service will help you as a relative, family member, carer or patient by providing the information you need


Call us: 0800 019 3282

Email us:

The patient support service hub is open every day: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm and on weekends 10am - 4pm

What we do

Whether you’re a relative, family member, carer looking for information about your loved one in hospital, or a patient who needs someone to talk to, we are here to help and listen.

Our Patient Support Service is here to:

  • answer queries
  • help to arrange for belongings to be delivered to the wards where we have no visiting
  • provide updates and reassurance to relatives, family members, carers on how their loved one is
  • support patients staying with us by offering a friendly listening service

By doing all of this, we allow our colleagues on the wards time to focus on caring for our patients.

Our service

Whatever your query, our friendly team will point you in the right direction.

You can leave a message outside of our hours on voicemail or email, and someone will get back to you the next day.

If your query is outside of operating hours and you think it is urgent and cannot wait until the next working day, you can contact our Switchboard on 0300 422 2222.