Find the latest guidance from our hospitals if you are receiving cancer treatment or are living with a cancer diagnosis.

Last updated: 05 January 2022


All cancer treatment and services are continuing as usual, but maintaining patient safety is a priority and changes may be necessary as the situation evolves. For example, your specialist teams may encourage phone consultation rather than seeing you in person, to minimise any risk to you.

You should call the Oncology team on 0300 422 4027, or the department responsible for your care if:

  • you have been advised to self-isolate, due to you or a member of your household developing symptoms of coronavirus
  • your GP has advised you to stay at home for health reasons

We will contact you if:

  • we need to make any changes to your appointments or current treatment plan
  • we need to discuss your health and the benefits of different treatment option

Cancer Wellbeing London has a number of online resources for people affected by cancer.

Protect yourself

Stay up to date with the latest guidance from:

If you have symptoms of coronavirus

If you have symptoms of coronavirus, use the NHS 111 online tool for advice on what to do. You should also speak to the hospital department responsible for your care:

  • if you are receiving drug treatment, including chemotherapy, call us on 0300 422 3444 (this is an emergency service and should not be used for general enquiries)
  • if you are having radiotherapy treatment in Cheltenham or Hereford, call us on 0300 422 8956
  • if you are having any other tests or treatment for cancer, contact the department responsible for your care

If you require admission to hospital for assessment, we will explain where you need to go and which hospital entrance to use.

Bringing relatives to appointments

In order to minimise crowding, we ask you to travel alone to the hospital if you’re able, in line with national social distancing advice.

If you have anyone coming with you when you have your treatment, they should wait outside the hospital. This helps us minimise further risk to you and other patients.

We appreciate this is a difficult time so if you have any concerns, please speak to the nurse in charge on the day of your appointment.

Risk to previous cancer patients

Most people make a full recovery after cancer treatment and their immune system either recovers fully or is not affected. But the type of cancer and the treatment you have had may increase your risk from coronavirus.

If you are taking hormone tablets or injections for cancer, you are at no more risk of contracting coronavirus. You should continue your medication and take the appropriate hand washing and social distancing measures

Find out more about the risks of coronavirus to cancer patients, or contact the Macmillan cancer hub at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital on 0300 422 8880 for general advice or support.

Advice for carers

If you care for someone with cancer or receiving cancer treatment, you should follow social distancing measures and take extra care to protect them from coronavirus.

If you have symptoms of coronavirus and you live with someone with cancer, you should try to arrange for them to stay with family or friends for 14 days while you self-isolate.

Find out more about guidance for carers concerned about coronavirus, or contact the Gloucestershire carers’ hub on 0300 111 9000 for advice and support.