Date of registration

8 May 2009

Primary medical qualifications

BSc(Hons), MBChB, FRCR

Consultant Radiologist

Areas of expertise

Musculoskeletal and general radiology.

I developed an interest in musculoskeletal radiology whilst a registrar at University College London Hospitals where I was involved in diagnosing and treating patients at the Institute of Sport, Exercise & Health and as part of the London Sarcoma Service.

I interpret MSK and general MRI, CT and plain x-rays and perform diagnostic and interventional musculoskeletal US and fluoroscopy.

Therapeutic Procedures include:

  • Arthrography
  • Shoulder hydrodilatation for frozen shoulder,
  • Barbotage for calcific tendonitis
  • Joint injections for arthritis
  • Dry needling for tennis elbow
  • Hydrostripping in Achilles tendinopathy

Spinal work (lumbar) includes:

  • Transforaminal Nerve Root Injections
  • Caudal Epidurals
  • Facet joint injections.
  • CT guided bone biopsies, including vertebrae, disc and paraspinal lesions.

Inpatient services (locations)

Radiology at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Outpatient Clinics (locations please)

Radiology at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

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