Consultant Urologist

Jeremy Nettleton is a Consultant Urologist and Clinical Lead. He has been trained in London and the South West of England, completing a fellowship at Bristol Urological Institute. Jeremy has a robotic, laparoscopic and open urological practice. He works both in community clinics and acute hospital services. Jeremy receives excellent feedback from patients and has outstanding clinical outcomes. He also practices within the GP care community urology clinics.

Jeremy has an excellent and published track record in quality improvement leading to nationally leading outcomes in these areas. He continues to push for improved care for his patients and recently led the successful bid for two new DaVinci robots for Gloucestershire hospitals. In addition, he has done advisory work with the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, Olympus Medical and the international incontinence society.

Jeremy has completed the first Aquablation cases in the South West of England and has led the bid for Gloucestershire to become the 5th NHS trust delivering this service.



Pauline Sexton 0300 422 6902

Admissions Coordinator:

Nicola Hoyle: 0300 422 8944