Every parent-to-be should be aware of their baby’s movements during pregnancy. In some cases, a baby’s normal pattern of movements can change if they are unwell.


You should contact the maternity advice line immediately on 0300 422 5541 if you notice that your baby’s movements have slowed down or stopped.

How to monitor your baby’s movements

From around 24 weeks, your baby will develop their own unique pattern of movements. Feeling your baby’s movements is a sign that they are well.

You do not need to count your baby’s movements, but you should get to know their pattern.

Take time to relax and make sure their pattern is normal. A baby heartbeat monitor cannot tell you if your baby is well, but your midwife can.


Contact your midwife or maternity unit if you notice your baby’s movements have slowed down or stopped, no matter how many times this happens or you are seen.