Pathology Stores at both sites hold a wide range of disposable goods and chemicals used by each of the departments within the building. It also supplies the appropriate specimen containers, bags, forms and equipment needed for sample testing.

Order forms

Pathology Stores

The Pathology Stores Manager or a member of the Pathology Stores team can be contacted on:

Cheltenham General Hospital Pathology Stores

  • Tel: 0300 422 4077
  • Fax: 01242 226255

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Pathology Stores

  • Tel: 0300 422 5275
  • Fax: 0300 422 5276

Opening hours are 08:00 to 16:00 (Mon to Fri).

Ordering supplies

GP Surgeries: Cheltenham

Cheltenham Surgeries are served by a four weekly ordering system. It is important that the order sheet (a new one is enclosed with each order indicating the next delivery date) is returned to Pathology Stores at least one week before the delivery is due. This helps ensure stores holds adequate supplies for all orders.

A list of Cheltenham surgery delivery due dates can be obtained from stores.

GP Surgeries: Gloucester

Gloucester Surgeries are currently supplied goods on an ad-hoc basis using an order sheet which can be obtained from stores. To help us run an efficient service all orders should be batched into one large request.

Order forms cover most of the usual surgery requirements. As a general rule we can provide anything that comes back to us with the patient’s sample, for example forms and sample containers. When considering an order please avoid overstocking as some items carry an expiry date. Always remember to rotate the stock you have and use the oldest items first.

Hospitals and Clinics

Hospitals and Clinics are provided with a stores order form which should be returned to Pathology Stores at the appropriate hospital site. To help us run an efficient service all orders should be batched into one large request.

Orders are picked and packed in chronological order. It is important to allow adequate time for orders to be processed and to avoid emergency telephone requests. When orders are packed a new order sheet is enclosed (sheets can be photocopied if necessary). Once orders are ready they are left in Pathology Reception for collection by the Porters.


We request that all deliveries should be made before 12.00 midday.

Collections for returns up to 16.00.

There is no forklift available so please deliver on a vehicle with a tail-lift.

For large deliveries please notify Pathology Stores in advance on: 0300 422 4077 for Cheltenham General Hospital or 0300 422 5275 for Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.