Sample requirements

Approx 1- 2mL of separated serum (acceptable minimum volume: 100µL). The sample is sent to a reference laboratory and transport time must be <7 days. Samples should be kept at 4ºC if there is a delay in sending. Please contact the laboratory if in doubt as sample integrity may be affected. Leaking samples may not be processed.

Test Information Required:

  • Patient name, sex and age.
  • Laboratory number.
  • Dosage, frequency and timing of samples.
  • Clinical summary
  • Other medications (essential, esp. pyrazinamide)

Sample to be collected in a gold top serum tube.

Gold top with cap

Timing of Samples

We recommend pre does sample and a post dose sample, taken 3-4 hours after oral administration.

Result interpretation

  • Results will be available within 4 days depending on the day of receipt.
  • Reference range: Pre dose: 10 – 20 mg/L. Post dose: 20 – 35 mg/L

Turnaround time:

<4 days

Re – assay Interval:

10 -30 days, assuming initial results are within expected range.