Non-Gynae Cytopathology


  • The preparation technique outlined below should be followed for all sites except breast.
  • The slides and Cytolyt pots should be labelled with the appropriate patient details before starting the aspiration.
  • Slides - please use pencil only and label with surname, forename date of birth and/or hospital number.
  • Cytolyt Pot - please use non soluble ink only and label with surname, forename, date of birth and/or hospital number. A label is preferable but must be initialled to designate that it has been checked.

1. First Aspiration


aspiration 1a


1b fine needle apiration






Fine Needle Aspiration 1e


  • Make 2 air dried smears by this method using a second slide as a spreader.
  • Ensure material is on labelled side of slide.


  • Rinse any residual material left in the syringe into the sample vial as in stage 2b below.
  • Discard syringe and needle.

2. Second aspiration

2a.Using a new needle and syringe repeat steps 1a – 1d above. 2b.

Rinse needle into a sample vial containing Cytolyt as shown.

2b second aspiration

Sample Requirements

  • Send to the laboratory in a specimen transport bag:
  • 2 clearly labelled prepared smears in transport box
  • Clearly labelled Cytolyt sample pot containing washings in cytolyt - check cap is securely tightened
  • Completed non-gynae cytology request form
CytoLyt specimen pot

  • Please note that if the aspiration yields copious material e.g. blood or cyst contents, then this is better expelled from the syringe into a sterile universal for processing in the laboratory rather than preparation into direct smears.


  • Store at room temperature.
  • Transport as soon as possible at ambient temperature.

Required Information

Turnaround Time

  • Routine non-gynaecological samples will be reported within 5 working days.
  • In cases when more complex pathology requires further laboratory investigations or referral for expert opinion a provisional report will be issued within the above time scale to be followed by a further complete supplementary report.
  • Urgent non-gynaecological samples will be reported within one working day of receipt.
  • For a sample to be treated as urgent the laboratory must be notified on Cheltenham 0300 422 4219.
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