Non-Gynae Cytopathology


  • Sputum samples are now regarded as of little value.

Sample Requirements

  • Wide mouthed sterile sputum pot
  • Patients must be asked to produce a "deep cough" specimen.
  • To maximise the accuracy of non-gynae cytology three samples of sputum collected on consecutive days are ideal.
  • Samples should ideally be delivered fresh each day to the laboratory, but if this is a problem with a patient in an outlying area then they can all be sent together on day 3.
  • Collect separate samples into separate sterile pots.
  • Samples consisting of saliva only will be reported as inadequate.

50ml Universal Container


  • Store at fridge temperature.
  • Transport as soon as possible at ambient temperature.

Required Information

Turnaround Time

  • Routine non-gynaecological samples will be reported within 5 working days.
  • In cases when more complex pathology requires further laboratory investigations or referral for expert opinion a provisional report will be issued within the above time scale to be followed by a further complete supplementary report.
  • Urgent non-gynaecological samples will be reported within one working day of receipt.
  • For a sample to be treated as urgent the laboratory must be notified on Cheltenham 0300 422 4219.
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