The Lung function service is provided by a team of respiratory physiologists, practitioners and administrative staff. We perform breathing tests and oxygen assessments for people with respiratory diseases. We work at both Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and Cheltenham General Hospital.

Tests we perform

  • Spirometry and flow volume loops to measure airflow through the airways.
  • Full lung function tests to measure airflow, capacity and efficiency of the lungs.
  • Bronchodilator reversibility tests to assess the response to medications e.g. Salbutamol and/or Ipratropium Bromide.
  • Long term oxygen therapy assessment to determine whether/how much supplementary oxygen is required to maintain acceptable blood gas levels. This involves a small sample of blood taken from the earlobe.
  • Fit to fly assessment to assess requirement for supplementary oxygen during flight.
  • Respiratory muscle weakness tests to determine the strength of the diaphragm and other muscles involved during breathing.
  • Cardio-pulmonary exercise tests to investigate how your breathing, heart and lungs respond to exercise.
  • Pharmachological bronchial challenge testing to assess the hyperreactivity of the airways.
  • Expired fraction of Nitric Oxide to measure the level of inflammation of the airways.
  • Piko tests to investigate occupational asthma.

How to contact us

Opening times:  

Monday: 8am - 5pm
Tuesday: 8am - 5pm
Wednesday: 8am - 5pm
Thursday: 8am - 7pm
Friday: 8am - 3pm

Telephone numbers: 

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital: 0300 422 6819                                    

Cheltenham General Hospital: 0300 422 4313

An answerphone is available outside of opening hours and also during busy times when we are not available to answer the phone, if you leave a message we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.