by Donna Little

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Background & Problem

Prior to commencing this project, Donna Little and Mr Seb Crosswell performed an audit of wound closure techniques. During this audit they found that hip wounds often oozed resulting in a delayed discharge. Hip fracture patients did not utilize the outpatient dressing clinic due to difficulty getting into the clinic as no set protocol was developed unlike elective hip surgery. Donna will be looking at how to standardise the referrals of this and see how this can aid in ESD of patients.


The aim of the project was for an increase in 80% of patients with oozy wounds but otherwise MSFD to be managed post-operatively using the wound care outpatient service within 6 months of trial period.


Data will be collected regarding patient experience qualitative data, length of stay, readmission rates (rates may increase as prior to project patients would have stayed in hospital).


Unfortunately due to a lack of suitable patients the pilot failed to show benefits to the service, patients experience or length of time.

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Donna Little
Quality Improvement Team
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