by Camilla Sweet


2016-2018 trust staff survey showed staff on the neonatal until were unhappy with communication and staff morale was low.

Comparing staff feelings about communication against staff feelings of morale.

After a few PDSAs I broke my arm. On my return the Trust survey had been discontinued and I had to recreate the survey to compare results.

This was when Covid-19 hit and put this project on hold, many things implemented required face to face interaction.


By improving communication, morale should follow.


Implementing regular ward meetings.

Staff craft group improved staff social convocation during a shared craft and provided an opportunity to teach/learn a new craft.

A newsletter was attempted however noone contributed therefore after the initial one no more were produced. SpeC Happy App introduced and a real time platform for staff morale and feedback as really insightful however it was abused by a few and developed negativity.


There is definitely a link between better communication and increasing staff morale.

The regular ward meetings did help but fortnightly was too often.

The staff craft group worked in getting different people to share an interest and chat socially.

SpeC Happy allowed easy access to positive feedback but also negative. It had the opportunity to really work well however was abused as most anonymous platforms are.

Lessons Learnt

Better communication does improve staff morale

Covid 19 does not improve staff communication nor morale.

You can’t please everyone.

Morale is affected by more than just your work place.

Communication is key but also being specific – Still don’t know what the Trust survey classed as management.

The ebb and flow of staff and patient work load impacts communication and staff wellbeing.

Next steps

Adapting to post-pandemic life, living with facemasks. A further look into how to make communication easier would be beneficial.