By S. Alaee, H.Iftikhar, R.Kaminski, C.Sharp

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Background and Problem

COVID-19 has been associated with an increased pro-thrombotic state causing venous thromboembolisms (VTE), thus leading to poorer outcomes. It is hypothesised that a hyper- inflammatory process leads to a cytokine storm, resulting in endothelial dysfunction and thrombotic sequalae.1 This can occur despite VTE prophylaxis. Early use of anticoagulation may reduce mortality rates.2 Measuring coagulation markers, such as D-dimer, have proven to be useful to detect hypercoagulability in patients with COVID-19. This together with a CTPA may increase the pick-up rate of VTE.


We performed a prospective audit on patients who were admitted with COVID and treated with either CPAP, mechanical ventilation or both. All patients received VTE prophylaxis. We compared the association of D-Dimer with radiographic evidence of pulmonary emboli on a CTPA


80 out of 130 patients had a D-Dimer (highest level). D-dimer results ranged from 297-52186ug/ml.