We offer work experience for young people in both clinical and non-clinical departments.

If you are a student looking for a work experience placement, please contact clinicians or departments to ask if they can offer you a place. They will then contact you to make arrangements.

You must be in year 11 or above, and either live or study in Gloucestershire.


The Lifelong Learning team also run half day workshops in:

  • general medicine
  • nursing
  • midwifery
  • dietetics

They take place in our Education Centres, Redwood (Gloucester) and Sandford (Cheltenham). You can contact the Lifelong Learning Team to book a place on one of our workshops, or call them on 0300 422 5176.


Audiologists work in a range of settings to assess and treat people with hearing or balance disorders. There are a number of routes to qualify to practice and four main universities where you can study. If you’re interested in science and technology, a work experience placement here could be valuable. A typical work placement would include a day visiting the department, shadowing staff performing hearing tests in the hearing services outpatient department.


Our dietitians work with patients, staff and the public to promote healthy eating and manage diseases, including diabetes, liver disease, and allergies. The Nutrition and Dietetics service offer taster day to students planning to apply for a registered dietetic undergraduate or postgraduate university course.

Health psychology

Our teams work with inpatients and outpatients to help them understand and manage the impact of their health problems. We work with a wide range of patients, including people affected by brain injury, cancer, or neurological conditions like Parkinson’s. In the interests of the therapeutic relationship, work experience placements are only available to university students (undergraduate/postgraduate and clinical psychology trainees).

IT services

The Countywide IT Service provides computer and telecoms support to the NHS organisation across Gloucestershire. Dependant on current project work and supervisor capacity, the Gloucestershire NHS Countywide IT Service is not always able to host work experience placements.

Medical physics

Medical physics involves the application of science and technology to patient care. A typical placement would include a day visiting the various departments, and offers a brief overview of the profession and the chance to meet staff. If you are in year 12 and above studying science or maths, and are considering a career in medical physics, a work experience placement may be valuable.


We offer opportunities for students to shadow clinicians and specialist nurses, to gain insight into the professions and support applications to medical school. Demand is high, so it may not always be possible to accommodate all requests. Alternatively, students can apply to attend a General Medicine workshop. This is not clinical based, but will give you the chance to speak to medical students, and understand how to write a good personal statement and make an impression in an interview.


Due to the sensitive and personal nature of maternity and women’s services, work experience opportunities at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust are very limited. Our midwives to host a taster workshop in spring and autumn, which offers the chance to speak to midwives, look at birthing equipment, and learn more about the profession.


Neurophysiologists use computer, electrical, magnetic and electronics to diagnose and monitor neurological disorders. If you are studying science and considering a career in healthcare, a work experience placement could be helpful. A typical work placement includes a day shadowing staff in the department, and provides the opportunity to meet staff. Opportunities for work placements are limited, but we welcome applications from students considering a career in neurophysiology.


Students (aged 16 or over) interested in a career as a pharmacy technician or pharmacist and who are studying relevant GCSEs or A Levels are considered for work experience at either Cheltenham General Hospital or Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. Students should send their CV and a covering letter to Natasha Mather, clinical pharmacist. Applications for third year Pharmacy student summer placements are now being accepted for 2020. Please complete the application form (below) and return it by email to Natasha Mather. The deadline for applications is Friday 24 January 2020. If you have any questions please email Natasha Mather or call 0300 422 6147.

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy

Our physiotherapists assess, treat and manage a wide range of problems associated with different systems of the body. Students in year 12 who are studying A levels, and mature students with relevant qualifications, interested in a career in physiotherapy can apply for a one day taster day at Cheltenham General or Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. You can also apply if you’re in year 11, as long as you will be in year 12 or above at the time of your placement. We do receive a large number of requests, so placements are limited.


Radiography is an imaging technique using x-rays, gamma rays, and radiation to see internal injuries or illnesses. Students over the age of 16, and people studying relevant A levels, who are interested in a radiography career can apply for a work shadowing or taster day in Diagnostic Imaging at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. Placements are limited, and restricted to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Therapy radiographers accurately plan and treat cancer patients, using high energy x-rays. Students in year 12 and above, studying the relevant A levels, and interested in a radiotherapy career can apply for work shadowing and taster days at Cheltenham General Hospital, Radiotherapy department.

Respiratory physiology

A respiratory physiologist uses specialist equipment to measure the size and efficiency of a patient’s respiratory system. This may involve exercise testing, breathing tests, measuring the effect of medications to the airways, oxygen tests, allergy tests, and sleep studies. These tests are used alongside x-rays, blood tests, and a history of symptoms, to make a diagnosis. To apply for a career in respiratory physiology, you will need to have studied a science at A level and have good communication skills, to help guide the patient through tests and treatment.

Restricted work experience requests

The following departments may also be able to accept work experience placements, but there are age restrictions in place:

  • theatres: 17 years and over, unless authorised by the Matron
  • paediatrics: 17 years and over
  • neonatal and special care babies unit: 18 years and over

Contact us

To apply for work experience with Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, you should send your CV and covering letter to the relevant department:

Department Contact details
Health psychology
IT services TBC
Medical physics
Medicine TBC
Neurophysiology or
Physiotherapy and occupational therapy and
Respiratory physiology TBC