This page gives you information about your appointment at the Critical Care Follow-up Clinic.

What to expect at the follow-up clinic

The clinic will provide you and your family/carer with the opportunity to discuss your stay in Critical Care.

We know that most patients (and their families) struggle with one or more aspects of their recovery. Everyone who attends the clinic find that they benefit. The purpose of the clinic is for your concerns to be discussed, in a friendly manner, within a relax setting outside the hospital.

We aim to answer your questions and give you a plan to help you move forward, as well as a better understanding of what has happened during your time in the Intensive Care Unit.

While some patients make a good recovery following critical illness, many experience ongoing problems, some of which we can help to improve. These can include physical and psychological issues such as:

  • Weakness
  • Joint problems
  • Breathlessness
  • Pain
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Sleep

These issues may be stopping you from returning to your normal routine.

Many issues occur or are identified during or shortly after critical illness. Support after discharge from hospital is sometimes required.

We can refer you to other specialities and will inform your GP of any advice or support needed, as well as help you and your family understand where you are on your recovery journey.

The follow-up appointment is a way for the Critical Care team check that you are continuing to make progress with your physical and mental wellbeing.

Sometimes patients and their families just want to talk about their experiences, illness and recovery. We offer support from experts who understand what the patients and their families have been through, and can provide a point of contact during recovery.

If you have already received an appointment and the date is not suitable, this can be changed by contacting the Critical Care team on 0300 422 6176.

Unfortunately, some patients we invite do not attend. This is regrettable as we know everyone who attends the clinic benefits from having an entire team who understands what they have been through and the issues they may be having.

Who will be available at the follow-up clinic?

Patients and their relatives will have the opportunity to be seen by a Critical Care Consultant, Critical Care Nurse and Physiotherapist. Some patients may also be seen by a Clinical Psychologist, depending on their need.

A pharmacist will also be available to review your medications and answer any questions you may have.

You will have the opportunity to see any of the professionals mentioned above. You do not need to book a separate appointment time before coming to clinic.

Where is the clinic held?

Critical Care Follow-up Clinics are held once a month at:

Dowty’s Sports Social Ltd, Down Hatherley Lane, Gloucester GL2 9QH

Free parking is available at the venue, with a drop off zone at the front door. The clinic is held on the ground floor. A member of the team will meet and greet you on arrival.

We also have a free coffee and tea area for you to get refreshments.

Who will be invited to attend the clinic?

Anyone who has been in intensive care for over 3 days has the opportunity to attend our multidisciplinary follow-up clinic.

If you have not received an invite but would like to attend the follow-up clinic, please call the Critical Care team on 0300 422 6176 to let them know.

Other support available at the Follow-up Clinic

We are also supported at the clinic by Community Social Prescribers, Healthy Lifestyles Gloucestershire and the Artlift project.

Community Social Prescribers

Community Social Prescribers are a team that can point you in the right direction to get the appropriate support that you need after leaving hospital.


Artlift has a 15-year history of providing ‘Arts on Prescription’ supported by NHS Gloucestershire. They offer a creative space for adults living with mental and/or physical health challenges, enabling them to move forwards in life.

The Artlift courses provide a safe and welcoming environment for people who have shared experiences. The focus is on fun, creating together and ‘having a go’ – you don’t have to be good at art to take part!

Healthy Lifestyles

Health is one of the most valuable things that we can have. Small changes to our lifestyle and to how we live can have a big impact on our health and wellbeing.

If you live in Gloucestershire, the Healthy Lifestyles team is on hand to help and support you. The team will work with you to identify small changes that you can make, as well as supporting you to achieve them.

Whether you are thinking about losing weight, giving up smoking, getting more active or just improving your overall wellbeing, Healthy Lifestyles are there to help you.

The Healthy Lifestyles team can work with you, and they have a range of tools that you can use on your own to make and track the lifestyle changes that will help you to be your best.

Contact information

Department of Critical Care

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Tel: 0300 422 6176

Tel: 0300 422 6182


At the end of the clinic, you will be given an opportunity to provide feedback. Below is some of the feedback we have received so far:

“Wasn’t sure about coming but incredibly helpful and informative”

“Know much more about my progress”

“Understand what’s happened and have a better understanding going forward”

“If there was one aspect of the clinic that stood out from attendance at the clinic it would be Teamwork & from a patient perspective on reflection it is important to avoid assumptions or preconceptions as to where the best support will be coming from across the team.”

The clinic appointment will also allow the team to learn from you and your family. Feedback from you and your relatives about your inpatient intensive care experience is invaluable. By highlighting areas which require review or change, we can continue to improve the quality of care we deliver.

Feedback can be given verbally or on the feedback form provided at the end of the clinic session.

Further information

ICU Steps

This is a charity that is run by former intensive care patients, and aims to support patients and relatives affected by critical illness.

The organisation's Intensive Care Guide contains a lot of useful information about recovery. Please type the following address into your web browser to view a copy:

Registered charities

Cheltenham General Hospital Intensive Care Trust - Registered Charity #285499

The Cheltenham Intensive Care Trust was formed in 1982 and with generous public support has helped to provide critically ill patients in Cheltenham with the highest standard of care.

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Intensive Care Unit Charity - Registered Charity #275004 © Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Intensive Care Unit Charity

For more information about the charity, visit:

For more information about donating to the registered charities for the Intensive Care Units at Cheltenham General and Gloucestershire Royal Hospitals, please contact:

Matron Deborah Elliot

Tel: 0300 422 6176


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