This page is to inform you about how some of your medicines will be supplied. The medicine(s) shown on the front of this leaflet will be delivered to you by a clinical homecare provider.

The hospital clinical team uses a homecare provider to dispense and deliver certain medicines. At your hospital appointment your medication will be reviewed and a prescription written. You will not need to collect the medication from the pharmacy department in the hospital or get a prescription from your GP; instead your prescription will be sent directly to the homecare provider specified.

Within a few days of receiving your prescription the homecare provider will call you to arrange a time and location for the delivery of your medication (and any other items required to use the medicine such as syringes).

In addition to this leaflet, you may be sent an information pack from the homecare provider. The pack will give you more details of the service they offer and provide you with the contact details of the homecare Patient Services department so that you will be able to contact them if you have any concerns or if you no longer wish to use this service.

Benefits of homecare

Homecare has benefits to both patients and the hospital. Homecare reduces the need for you to wait for your medicines to be dispensed at the hospital. It also reduces the number of visits to hospital for you to collect your medication. Medicines can be delivered at a time and location suitable for you.

Not only is homecare more convenient for you but it also helps us to free up appointments, meaning we can care for more people and reduce costs to the NHS.

Registering for homecare

In order to receive this service, you will need to complete a homecare registration form or have this completed by your clinician. Please make sure that your contact details are on this form so that a coordinator from the homecare provider is able to contact you to arrange your deliveries.

How do we use and share your information?

We record information about you and your medicines because we have a legal duty to keep full records of your treatment.

When you sign up for Alcura we will share the necessary information with Alcura UK so that they can provide the service. The provider acts at all times on our behalf and is subject to our instructions.

For more information about how we look after your information and your rights please see the ‘Privacy notice’ on the Gloucestershire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust website or contact our Information Governance Team on:

Tel: 0300 422 6861


When will the medication be delivered?

Delivery of your medication will be arranged when a coordinator from the homecare provider receives your prescription from the hospital and contacts you to arrange a convenient date and time. Deliveries will normally be made between 8:00am and 8:00pm, Monday to Friday. In exceptional circumstances, emergency deliveries can be made outside of these hours.

Where will the medication be delivered?

This will be agreed when you are called by the homecare coordinator. Delivery options include:

  • Home address
  • Work address
  • An alternative location (for example, a neighbour or relative, certain local pharmacies)

Will somebody need to sign for the medication?

Yes. Deliveries will only be made to you or another person you have authorised to sign for you.

What if I am running out of medication?

If you are concerned that you may be running out of medication or require urgent delivery, please contact Patient Services at the homecare provider. The contact details are at the end of this page.

What if I need to change a delivery date or time?

Please contact the Patient Services department at the homecare provider as they will be able to re-arrange deliveries.

Do I still need to come to the hospital appointments?

Yes. You will still be monitored by the medical staff at the hospital. It is important that you attend all hospital appointments and tests arranged for you.

What if I am going on holiday or staying away from home?

If you are staying in the United Kingdom, deliveries can be made to an alternative address anywhere in the country. Please contact the Patient Services department at the homecare provider to discuss your requirements. You must also let your hospital clinical team know.

Will there be times when I need to collect this medication from the pharmacy department at the hospital?

The hospital pharmacy department may be able to dispense your medication if your doctor decides that you need the medication urgently.

What do I do if there is a problem with my delivery?

In the first instance please call or e-mail the Patient Services department of the homecare provider. They will be able to help you and rearrange any delivery. If they need anything from the hospital (such as another prescription) they will be able to contact the hospital on your behalf.

Some providers have a website which can be used to track your delivery.

If you are having problems and the homecare provider is unable to help you, they will usually pass on a message to the appropriate clinic contact in the hospital. If you are still concerned call the number on the front of this leaflet (Clinic/Department contact).

Please contact your usual clinical team if you have any specific concerns regarding your treatment or require medical assistance.

Your responsibilities

In order to make homecare delivery of medication work effectively the following is expected of you:

  • If you have arranged a delivery time with the homecare provider please make sure you are in to receive the delivery as failed deliveries put a strain on the system.
  • If you change any of your contact details please make sure the homecare provider is aware of the changes. You can do this by contacting the Patient Services department. When it comes to scheduling a delivery they need to have up-to-date contact details for you.
  • If you are going away for a while and think you may miss a delivery please contact the homecare provider (Patient Services) and your hospital clinical team. They may be able to arrange to deliver your medication earlier or to another address but they will need plenty of time to organise this for you.
  • If you think you may be running out of your medication and have not been contacted by the homecare provider to arrange a delivery please contact their Patient Services department. They will contact the hospital if they need another prescription for you.
  • If you experience any side effects or adverse events to any medication, this must be reported to the homecare provider or hospital team immediately.

What if I want to complain about or compliment the homecare service?

We understand that errors can happen and if you do have any concerns about your treatment or the service, you should raise this at the earliest opportunity so that any issues can be resolved efficiently.

  • Both the homecare provider and the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are keen to hear any complaints or compliments about your homecare service
  • If you wish to send feedback or complain to Alcura or Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust please e-mail or call using the contact details


In your Alcura patient ‘Welcome pack’ you will find the contact details of your dedicated homecare support team. If you are unable to contact the team please contact Patient Services.

Alcura Patient Services

Tel: 0800 012 1551

E-mail: with the words ‘Official complaint’ in the subject heading if making a complaint.


Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)


Freephone: 0800 019 3282

Fax: 0300 422 6832

The PALS Office

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Great Western Road



If you are not happy with the response from the homecare provider you can raise your complaint with:

The Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Care Quality Commission (England)



Newcastle upon Tyne



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