We would like to offer our sympathy to you and your family at this sad and difficult time. During the days and weeks ahead, continued support will be available to you.

We want you to know we are committed to offering sensitive care in response to families’ individual needs. We have a responsibility to offer choices to the family and to provide information needed to help make those choices.

It is also our responsibility to treat parents and families with respect and honesty, enabling them to grieve for their baby with dignity.

Bereavement support

The Bereavement Support Midwife is based in the Maternity Unit at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. The bereavement support midwife will contact you, by telephone if you have been discharged from the hospital, and offer to visit you at home.

At first you may not wish to take up this offer. We understand this, but ask that you keep this leaflet so that if you change your mind, you can make contact yourself.

Continuing support

Support for you and your family can include home visits, telephone contact, or a mixture of both. The length of time and how often we offer you support will depend on your individual needs.

Home visits will usually last for an hour and are arranged for a date and time suitable for you. If there is anything you wish to know or talk about, please contact the bereavement support midwife.


If photographs were taken of your baby by the hospital photographer, they will be developed in the Medical Photography department. When they are ready, you will be contacted so that arrangements can be made for them to be delivered to you.

Remembrance service

An annual remembrance service is held for parents, family and friends. Please contact the Hospital Chaplain for information.


Bereavement Support Midwife

Maternity Unit

The Women’s Centre Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Tel: 0300 422 5564

Tel: 07799 060328

Mondays, Wednesday and Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm

Messages will be returned on the midwife’s next working day.

Hospital Chaplains

Tel: 0300 422 6200

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm

Bereavement Officer

Tower Block,

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Tel: 0300 422 6742

Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:00pm

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