At Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, we believe that every baby being born is special. During your caesarean, there are ways in which we can help to assist you have an individual experience for the birth of your baby.

There are many combinations of the listed choices which may make the birth experience more enjoyable and less stressful.

If this is something you would like to consider for your caesarean birth then please ask your midwife or obstetrician for more information.

Your choice

You can choose from the following to improve your birth experience. None of the choices will affect the safety of your operation.

Low lighting

The lights would be dimmed in theatre to create a calming atmosphere.

The use of aromatherapy

We will provide the use of aromatherapy to help you stay calm and reduce anxiety.


We have a Bluetooth speaker in theatre for you to play your own music or we can play a relaxing playlist for you. Alternatively, you can create a playlist on your phone.

Having the surgical drapes lowered

If you would like to see your baby being born the drapes can be lowered during the operation or at the moment the head is visible. The drapes will shield your view of the surgery.

Immediate skin-to-skin contact

The baby will be placed in skin-to-skin contact with you as soon as they are born. If the drapes are lowered the baby can be born and placed immediately onto your chest.

Optimal cord-clamping

The baby’s cord will be allowed to pulsate once born for around a minute. This allows your baby to receive extra blood from your placenta which has important health benefits.

Allowing time for your baby to be born spontaneously

It can be possible to let your baby be born in its own time once the head has been guided out. This would need to be discussed with your surgeon on the day of your caesarean. Due to individual circumstances occasionally, this would not be advised.

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