We’re offering our patients online access to their personal health records with Patients Know Best

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We’re offering our patients online access to their personal health records with Patients Know Best



➢ Gloucestershire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is offering you access to your personal health records with Patients Know Best.

➢ With your account, you can access all your medical information (like the outcome of your last GP appointment or your recent test results), so that everyone looking after you understands the type of care and support you need and want.

➢ By giving you the tools to help you understand your condition better, we can keep you well and ensure you get the right care and support when you need it.

➢ This does not affect the care you receive from us. Instead, we aim to use this system to further improve your patient care and experience.

➢ This page provides important information about how you can claim your record and what it means for you.


➢ If you have any questions about Patients Know Best, please email the team at ghn-tr.pkb@nhs.net

What is Patients Know Best?

➢ Patients Know Best (PKB) is the company founded for patients, empowering you with the tools and information to self-manage your health and care.

➢ PKB is the secure system we use to store your medical information however, it’s unique because it also allows us to share this information with you. In turn, you can choose to share all or parts of your record with others looking after you including your GP, pharmacist, care workers and even your carers and loved ones. Please read the Privacy Notice at: https://manual.patientsknowbest.com/legal/privacy/uk

➢ This helps everyone looking after you to understand the type of care and support you need and want. It also means together, we can understand what’s going on with your health, share information wherever you are and get help to you quickly when needed.

What does this mean for me?

It means you can see your information anytime, anywhere.

All your healthcare information will be added from all participating healthcare providers over time so, you have a complete historical record.

What devices are PKB compatible with?

You can use PKB on any internet-enabled device including smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. You don’t need to update your device or install new software - simply use your web browser to log in.

How can I register?

➢ If you have received an invitation letter or email from us, you can use this to register your account immediately.

➢ This invite contains important access codes to verify your identity and set up the account. However, to protect the security and privacy of your data, these codes will expire after 30 days.

➢ If you need a new code, please speak to a member of staff during your next appointment or email help@patientsknowbest.com.

➢ If you haven’t received an invite but would like to register, speak to a member of staff who will be happy to create your account.

➢ All you need is an email address and some ID. Alternatively, email help@patientsknowbest.com for support to get you started.

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