This page gives information for a person living with dementia and their carer about what to expect when visiting an Outpatient Department (OPD)

Preparing for an Outpatient Department appointment

If you are reading this page in preparation for attending an Outpatient Department appointment, please always read the information and guidance within the clinic letter. For more information, please visit the Carers page on this website.

If you are a person living with dementia or a carer/relative of a person living with dementia and you/or the person you care for has any needs which may impact on your visit, please contact the Outpatient Department ahead of attending. Use the contact information printed on your clinic letter. On the day of attending please tell the receptionist of these needs.

We always encourage a relative/carer to attend the appointment along with the person living with dementia, as the hospital environment can be disorientating, especially when waiting.

If it is not possible for you/your cared-for person to attend the appointment as planned, please telephone the number shown on your clinic letter straight away so that a further appointment can be made. We also advise you to let your GP know.

Please always bring the following to the appointment

  • An up-to-date list of your (or the person you care for) medication
  • Your GP details or those of the person you care for
  • If you have been appointed Lasting Power of Attorney, bring the original documentation and proof of your identity as this is legally necessary
  • Any patient held community care records
  • A copy of your/your cared for persons completed ‘This is me’ leaflet. This will help the care team to get to know the person living with dementia and to understand more about them as a person. Blank copies are available on the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust ‘Information for Carers’ webpage.

You may also like a copy of the Trust leaflet ‘Information for carers attending Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’ GHPI1044, as it provides important information about support for all carers within our Trust. The leaflet also contains information about the Carer’s Passport and parking. Please ask a member of the clinic staff for a copy of this leaflet.

You are welcome to stay with the person living with dementia during their time in the department. We support ‘John’s campaign’.

We may need to ask you to step outside of the treatment area during some examinations or procedures. As soon as these are completed you will be able to return.

We offer the use of a ‘Twiddle mitt’ to occupy the person living with dementia, if needed. We also use a butterfly symbol to make all members of the team aware that this patient needs extra support. The butterfly symbol may be on the patient’s medical notes. Please let us know if you do not wish this to be used for you cared-for person.

On the day of the appointment

On arrival at the department, complete the clinic self-service check in and tell the receptionist of the needs of you/your cared for person. You should also let the receptionist know that the person is living with dementia.

You will be asked to sit within the waiting area until called in for the appointment. We aim to see all patients at or as near as possible to their planned appointment time. If a clinic is running late the clinic team will give you more information.

Please ask a member of the clinic team if you/or your cared for person need any help while waiting.

You should also ask a member of the clinic team, at that time of the appointment, if you would like any more information about the care and treatment plan discussed. You can also discuss this with your/or your cared for person’s GP.

A summary of the consultation will be sent to you/your cared for person’s GP. This information may take a couple of days to arrive.

If you have any concerns or suggestions during your visit to the department, please let a member of clinic team know. There is always a Senior Nurse in charge of the Outpatient Department.

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