This page gives you information about the therapists working within the Gloucestershire Brain Injury Team and how they help people to achieve their best possible recovery.

The physiotherapists help patients to:

  • maintain joint movement and muscle strength
  • improve their balance and co-ordination
  • improve mobility by providing walking aids if appropriate

The occupational therapists help by:

  • assessing postural management, providing seating, bed positioning and splints if applicable
  • assessing and supporting patients with returning to activities of daily living
  • assessing and supporting patients with returning to work
  • providing a Fatigue Management Service

The speech and language therapists help patients with:

  • eating and swallowing difficulties
  • communication
  • speech
  • reading and writing

The therapy technicians help by:

  • supporting the team therapists
  • carrying out therapy intervention in a support capacity
  • liaising with Headway Gloucestershire

The psychologists help patients to:

  • understand what has happened
  • understand and manage difficulties with memory, concentration or other ‘thinking’ skills
  • deal with emotional consequences and any behaviour changes
  • cope with life changes

The Gloucestershire Brain Injury Team continues to work with patients after discharge to help with their further recovery.

The team also work closely with Headway Gloucestershire, a charity which provides support and enablement services (Monday to Friday) for people who have had a brain injury. Some people attend Headway while they are still inpatients and continue visiting there after discharge.

Contact information

If you have any questions, you can contact a member of the team on the number below.

Gloucestershire Brain Injury Team

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Tel: 0300 422 5139 (answerphone)

Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm


The answerphone is checked at regular intervals each working day.

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