As part of Black History Month in October this year, we are supporting a project to showcase the stories of nursing staff from different ethnic minority backgrounds across the Trust

We are passionate about being an inclusive organisation that can attract the talent we need to successfully meet our goals. A lack of diversity in the workplace and in leadership roles can affect an organisation's ability to innovate and provide services that are accessible to their communities.

Our career stories

We have explored the career stories of these colleagues from diverse backgrounds who have reached Band 6 and above. This career role models campaign is designed to inspire others and give them the confidence to aim high to achieve career progression and promotion. Each person involved answered a questionnaire outlining their career journey and they offer tips and advice designed to help others.

This campaign has been driven by Deputy Director of Infection Prevention and Control Kerry Holden and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead Coral Boston and makes a powerful visual statement about these positive role models and the critical part they play in our organisation.

We wanted to promote a sense of belonging

Designed to promote a sense of belonging, this project takes the form of a poster campaign at both hospital sites and will also be promoted via our global emails, our website and on social media throughout the month. The individual posters give some details of each person’s story and then the full version can be accessed through a QR code that goes to our website. This will remain on our website afterwards and we hope that it will have a lasting impact.