This is the fourth Gender Pay Gap Report from Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust which, as at 31 March 2020 had 7939 staff, 80.5% of whom were female.

The analysis used to prepare this Report identifies a ‘mean’ and a ‘median’ gender pay gap. The measured position on the gender pay gap at 31 March 2020 is as follows:

  • Median gender pay gap, 19.8% in favour of male employees (20.3% in 2019)
  • Mean gender pay gap, 28.6% in favour of male employees (29.4% in 2019)

It is critical to emphasise this does not mean that a male and a female staff member doing equal work receive different levels of pay. Rather, the above statistics are driven largely by:

  1. the pay of the medical workforce which has an amplified effect on statistics relating to the total workforce and
  2. the distribution of males and females within different parts of the workforce.

The dominant theme is that if the medical workforce is excluded, the median gender pay gap is reversed and becomes one which slightly favours female staff. In fact analysing pay across all staff except medical staff creates a mean gender pay gap of 3.9% in favour of males, but a median gap 4% in favour of females.

The clear implication is that the gender pay gap across the medical workforce is sufficient to reverse the female positive gender pay gap across the remainder of the Trust’s workforce, and generate the overall results set out in the bullet points above.

Analysis of gender pay across the medical workforce reveals a complex distribution. For early years’ medical trainees there is a gap in favour of female doctors, however at more senior non-consultant levels the gap switches to one in favour of male doctors.

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