When you find out you’re pregnant, you will need to book your first appointment with one of our midwives. This is called your booking appointment.

Your booking appointment should happen before you're 10 weeks pregnant, so we can have a detailed discussion about your personal and family history, and any relevance this has on your pregnancy. We will also help you create a pregnancy care plan, and discuss your options for screening tests.

Your midwife will ask you questions about you and your family’s health, so you should come prepared with any relevant information. Find out what to expect at your first midwife appointment.

Once you have completed the online booking form, a midwife will be in touch within 1 week to book your first appointment. This call may appear as an unknown number.

Download your copy of The Journey to Parenthood Journal to record your choices and preferences throughout your pregnancy.

You can also find pregnancy health information and support on the Gloucestershire Healthy Lifestyles website.

Maternity Booking Process

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