Find useful information about every stage of your pregnancy, including preparing for labour and birth, and going home with your baby.


We've set up a playlist of short films providing you and your partner with some information on your pregnancy, birth and the early days with your baby.

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Early pregnancy

Mid to late pregnancy

Preparing for birth

You and your baby

Feeding your baby

Twins or more

If you have suffered a loss

Information in other languages

You can find pregnancy health information in other languages from the following national organisations:

  • MAMA Academy provide essential information about pregnancy
  • Public Health England provide information about screening tests for you and your baby
  • Tommy's provide information on monitoring your baby's movements
  • Labour Pains provide information about pain relief for labour and information about caesarians
  • Action on pre-eclampsia provide information about pre-eclampsia
  • UNICEF provide information about breastfeeding, formula feeding and sterilising feeding equipment
  • The Lullaby Trust provide information on safe sleeping for babies

If English is not your first language

Please speak to the staff who can arrange for an interpreter to help you. Alternatively please contact us for further advice.

If you have a visual or hearing impairment

To help us provide the best care and for our staff to understand your needs, if you are coming into hospital and you have a hearing or visual impairment, please let us know as soon as possible.

If you are staying overnight, with your permission our staff could display an eye or ear pictogram by your bedside. This will help those who are caring for you understand your communication needs. 

British Sign Language interpreters can also be arranged to support you during your visit or stay.

In partnership with Gloucestershire Deaf Association (GDA) we launched Deaf Communication Cards in 2017. For more information or to obtain your card, please contact or call 01452 372999.

Support our maternity services

The Cheltenham and Gloucester Hospitals Charity raises funds to make a real difference for our patients, their families and the staff who treat them.