We work with ophthalmologists to provide diagnostic investigations and assessments which aid in the diagnosis of eye conditions.

Optometrists in the hospital also work closely with orthoptists and community-based optometrists, especially when treating children.

We perform a number of different examinations, including refraction (sight-testing) visual field assessments, imaging of the optic nerve and retina using  a variety of imaging equipment, ocular ultrasound, colour vision assessment and corneal measurements and topography. We prescribe spectacles and specialist contact lenses for adults and children with specific visual anomalies.

 We also assess and support patients with sudden and/or permanent visual loss and provide low vision aids (magnifying devices) to help people to maximise their remaining vision.  As part of the rehabilitation process we work in conjunction with rehabilitation officers, based in Social Services, and representatives from our local charities for the blind.

 In a number of specialist clinics, such as macular treatment clinics and glaucoma clinics, we work alongside consultant ophthalmologists to assess, diagnose, monitor and recommend treatment to patients, so you may be seen by an optometrist instead of or as well as a doctor.

 All types of optometry clinics are run at both the main sites, Cheltenham General and Gloucestershire Royal Hospitals. We also provide selected services at a variety of peripheral hospitals, including Stroud, Cirencester, Tewkesbury, Tetbury and the Dilke.