Department of Chemical Pathology and Metabolic Medicine also known as Clinical Biochemistry

About our laboratories

The laboratories at Cheltenham General and Gloucestershire Royal Hospital provide a full range of Clinical Biochemistry services.

General chemistry tests are provided by the Department for a 24 hour, 7 day acute service available to the NHS Hospitals and Primary Care services of Gloucestershire and an area of South Worcestershire. Other Biochemistry tests are provided by the department from Monday to Friday or else by accredited specialist laboratories throughout the UK

The department is headed by consultant medical staff assisted by clinical biochemists, biomedical scientists and support staff. Please note that laboratory staff are not permitted to discuss specific tests or results with patients; you are advised to contact your GP or consultant. Professional advice is available via the contacts page or the hospital switchboard 24 hours per day.

Tests, investigations and samples information

General test information is available from Lab Tests online.

Information about sample requirements and reference ranges for given biochemical investigations can be found in our investigations database pages.

Information concerning the expected variation that normally occurs in assay results can be found in our Measurement Uncertainty document (PDF).