• The information given here is intended for use by healthcare professionals. Please see Lab Tests Online-UK for more general advice, links and background.
  • The test is not validated for rectal, pharyngeal or eye samples and the possibility of false positive and negative results may be higher with these sample types.
  • Visibly blood stained samples and heavily purulent samples are not desirable as these may lead to false negative results.
  • Urine samples from female patients are relatively insensitive and are not recommended.
  • Urine samples from patients using Replens vaginal moisturiser may give invalid or false negative results.

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Sample requirements


  • Prior to sampling, the patient should not have urinated for at least an hour.
  • Collect 10–30 mL of a first catch urine sample (a minimum of 5 mL urine is required).
  • Boric acid containers are NOT suitable.

30 mL sterile universal container

30ml universal container


Instructions for self collection of vaginal swabs

  • Endocervical or self-taken vaginal swab.
  • Pharyngeal swab.
  • Rectal swab.
  • Eye swab.

Chlamydia swab pack

chlamydia swab

Required information

  • Relevant clinical details.


  • Store urine at 2–30°C for up to 24 hours.
  • Store transferred urines and swabs in Chlamydia transport medium at 2–30°C. These remain viable for up to 3 months.
  • Transport as soon as possible at ambient temperature.

Turnaround time

Up to 4 days.

All positive eye, pharyngeal, female urine and female rectal samples are confirmed locally which may slightly increase the turnaround time.