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The GSQIA aims to contribute to a patient safety aware workforce with the knowledge, skills and confidence to continually strive for safety and quality improvement and excellence throughout the GHNHSFT. We co-ordinate a number of training programmes and these are available to all GHNHSFT staff.

The Quality Improvement Development Pathway

The Quality Improvement Professional Development Pathway is staged in four levels, from a Bronze Level (Introduction to Quality Improvement) to a Platinum Level (Award for contribution to Quality Improvement).

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Quality Improvement Professional Development Pathway

The Quality Improvement Education Programme

The Quality Improvement Programme is about being the best that we can be. It's about taking the things that we know can be better and making a lasting improvement.

The programme has been structured so that Improvement Teams have access to a support network to help with the transition from learning to implementation of their new skills.

This programme will support you to contribute to the continuing improvement of patient care and safety in our hospitals and can be used to demonstrate continuing professional development. There will be opportunities to present your work to a variety of audiences for recognition of the work that you have completed and to compete for prizes, including opportunities to enter and attend national competitions to showcase your work. This programme provides opportunities for further personal and professional development including the opportunity to progress into QI teaching roles as part of the Academy.

The following topics are covered during the respective courses:

No Content Bronze Silver Gold
1 Why is there a need to improve?
2 Quality Improvement methodologies & tools
2a The 'Model for Improvement'
2b Clinical Audit
2c Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA)
2d Driver Diagrams
3 Generating change ideas
4 Measurement for improvement
4a Run charts
4b Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts
4c Variation
5 The Quality Improvement process
6 Process Mapping
7 Change challenges & behaviours
8 Leading Change
9 Facilitating Action Learning
10 Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
11 Coaching Skills

Please note that the programme is structured such that the Silver training includes the content of the Bronze training package. Whilst there are additional topics covered during Silver that are not covered during the Bronze training, the main emphasis of the Silver programme is to support participants in the application of the techniques to a Quality Improvement initiative. Both courses include Improvement Science theory and participatory activities to demonstrate the techniques.

The Gold Programme does not cover all of the subjects covered in Bronze and Silver as it is expected that participants have existing Quality Improvement knowledge and experience equivalent to the Silver level, prior to applying for the Gold programme.

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Quality Improvements

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