At Gloucester we will invest up to £30m on improving the Emergency Department and acute medical care facilities.


Improvements will include the extension of the Acute Medicine Initial Assessment (AMIA) area, which provides an improved same day emergency care provision, the extension of the Acute Medical Assessment Unit, which will increase the bed space by 17 beds and enable the centralisation of acute medicine at GRH along with improved Mental Health provision and the conversion of non-clinical space within Gallery Wing to create a new 24-bed ward. In doing so this will help to:

  • Increase ward space and the number of patient beds.
  • Improve flow through the Emergency Department and urgent care more broadly, enhancing our ability to deal with surges, improving patient waiting times and improving patient experience.
  • Create the capacity to develop Radiology Services leading to more consistent delivery against the access standards.


Building works disruption

From Friday 24 September

  • Atrium entrance: from Friday 24 September, the path outside the atrium will be restricted near the drop-off points. While access will be preserved for both pedestrians and drivers, this will temporarily result in the partial loss of drop off points. These will be re-provided and once complete, there will be additional disabled car parking spaces.
  • From Friday 24 September owing to the ongoing road works, the traffic lights for ambulances will stop functioning for a period of 2-3 weeks, so people are advised to take extra care when crossing these roads within the site 
  • Preparation to commence work on the new ED Majors build continues

From Monday 23 August

Dermatology Outpatients at GRH:

  • From Monday 23 August, Dermatology Outpatients at GRH is moving from its current location in the main atrium to new purpose-built premises close to GRH at the Aspen Medical Centre. The move will give staff and patients much improved facilities and a better environment. Patients have been individually contacted to let them know.
  • At the Aspen Medical Centre, there is limited parking for blue badge holders, so patients may choose to park at GRH and walk to their appointment following the simple map below, or use the no. 6 or 94U buses from GRH. Alternatively, you may choose to be dropped off at the Aspen Centre and picked up afterwards.

1619 Dermatology move map 1200x841px.jpg

From Monday 16 August

Tower Entrance:

  • The existing Tower Block entrance will be closed and the new Temporary Tower block entrance will be in place from Monday 16 August. Directional signage will be in place for patients and staff.
  • The Volunteer's Desk from the Tower entrance will be relocated at the Tower Lift lobby.
  • The shops in the Tower corridor and the chapel remain open for staff, patients and visitors

GRH_Tower_Block_Map_New_Entrance (1).jpg

Accessible Parking:

  • The 4 Accessible (Disabled) car parking spaces outside the Tower Block will be suspended from Monday 16 August. Nearest alternative accessible parking is in front of the Multi-storey car park entrance

GRH_Tower_Block_Map_Disabled_Spaces (1).jpg

Some staff Car Parking spaces on the side of Gallery Wing will be temporarily lost from Monday 16 August

From Monday 26 July

  • From Monday 26 July, hoardings will be erected adjacent to the Tower Block and a compound established.
  • Works will also commence on 26 July on reconfiguring the road network at the front of the Tower, which will require all bus stops to be relocated.
  • The 99 bus stop will be on Great Western Road (opposite main entrance).

99 bus reroute due to site works

If you have any questions or comments about these works, please contact