Our Trust has 5 staff governors who work in our Trust.

Each staff governor seeks to represent the views of staff in the Trust, but particularly for their own groups, which include:

  • allied healthcare professionals
  • medical and dental staff
  • nursing and midwifery
  • other and non-clinical staff

Allied healthcare professionals: Fiona Marfleet (elected 2020)

Medical and dental staff: Russell Peek (elected 2020)

Nursing and midwifery: Sarah Mather (elected 2017, 3 year term)

Governor Sarah Mather

Sarah Mather started working in Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS foundation in August 2006. She completed her nurse training and degree in Cardiff and was appointed to the Oncology department at Cheltenham General hospital. During these two years she completed her chemotherapy course and gained many skills.

In 2008 Sarah was appointed as a staff nurse in Critical Care at Gloucestershire Royal. During this time she has completed various courses and skills such as completing her leadership course. In 2014, Sarah successfully achieved a sister’s position which is her current role. Sarah is passionate about delivering high standards of care and role modelling. As part of her role in the clinical governance team she strives to learn from clinical incidents and improve practice.

Sarah was born in Gloucestershire and both her family and extended family live in the county. In her downtime she is running around caring for her two children and thoroughly enjoys her precious family time. Sarah’s strong links to Gloucestershire makes her determined for not only her patients but for her family to receive a positive patient experience in our trust.

She believes that this role will give her a greater understanding of how the trust is governed. Above all she feels extremely privileged and honoured to represent the nurse sand midwifes in the trust.

Nursing and midwifery: Julia Preston (re-elected 2019)

Governor Julia Preston

Julia has worked in the NHS for more than 25 years, training as a nurse in Cheltenham and Gloucester, then as a midwife and progressing to acting matron. After a two year break working in governance and quality assurance in Guernsey, Julia returned to Gloucester and currently works part time as an interventional radiology nurse.

Julia has a postgraduate qualification in public health and advanced practice and, among other achievements, has completed a fifty mile charity walk in eleven hours! Julia also set up a small business 7 years ago, which allowed her to dedicate more time to voluntary roles.

Aware of the financial, demographic, technological and political challenges the NHS faces, Julia will bring an understanding of governance and accountability to the role of governor. She will ensure staff views and perspectives are heard and taken into consideration when decisions are made about future planning and direction.

** Julia Preston served a one year term from 2004, being re-elected in 2005 and resigned in September 2007.

Non-clinical staff: Carolyne Claydon (elected 2020)