Our Trust has 5 staff governors who work in our Trust.

Each staff governor seeks to represent the views of staff in the Trust, but particularly for their own groups, which include:

  • allied healthcare professionals
  • medical and dental staff
  • nursing and midwifery
  • other and non-clinical staff

Medical and dental staff: Russell Peek (elected 2020)

Russell Peek.jpg

Russell began his medical career in Scotland, developing interests in neuroscience, child health and medical education. He moved to the Southwest to complete postgraduate training, before joining Gloucestershire Hospitals as a Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatologist in 2006.

Alongside clinical practice, Russell has held a range of leadership and governance roles in healthcare education. He has seen effective governance processes achieve positive change in trusts nationwide through quality assurance work with the GMC. He is currently Director of Medical Education for Gloucestershire Hospitals and firmly believes that valuing learning and learners makes us a stronger organisation. Russell has a research interest in the effects of occupational stress on learning and performance.

Russell lives in Gloucestershire with his family. He is a keen cyclist and a member of Cheltenham Silver Band. With experience of Gloucestershire Hospitals as a patient, parent, learner, clinician and educator, he shares the ambition for our organisation to thrive and demonstrate its full potential.

Nursing and midwifery: Bilgy Laurence Pellissery (elected 2023)

Governor: Bilgy Laurence Pellissery

My name is Bilgy Pellissery, I am an internationally recruited nurse who has been working in the Gloucestershire Trust for 22 years. I am a hard-working and efficient leader.

Currently, I am the lead SCP for Urology at Cheltenham General Hospital. I have been a pioneer in robotic surgery at the Trust since 2014, and in 2022, I was privileged to be short-listed for the Dennis Barr Award for Excellence in Nursing.

However, I have always ensured my efforts extend past the professional sphere. My family and I are involved in charitable initiatives in Gloucestershire, including Gloucester Feeds the Hungry. We were honoured to be invited to the King's Coronation Garden Party in recognition of our volunteer work.

Being from an ethnic minority, I know how important diversity and representation are to our members and I will always pursue inclusion in our Trust. I am a hugely positive person and you will never find me without a smile on my face.

I'm open, approachable, selfless and sincere in all my endeavours. I have a great sense of empathy and recognise that this Governor post allows me to be an ambassador and liaison for the Trust’s members and the local community.

Non-clinical staff: Oliver Warner (elected 2023)

Governor Oliver Warner

I've lived in and worked in Gloucestershire for most of my life and have a longstanding relationship with our trust.

I am applying because I am passionate and incredibly invested in this trust. I want to engage with and represent my non-clinical peers and stakeholders, and I am really keen on ensuring that we are heard and included in our trust's vision, strategy and plans.

I want to be an ambassador for non-clinical staff and drive us forward by providing constructive challenge for the board, whilst also championing public interest as a Gloucestershire resident.

I feel that I am a good listener and a confident communicator. I am also a team player and have a good track record when it comes to gauging the views of my peers to provide strategic and critical guidance for corporate objectives.

For example, I've worked for the trust in non-clinical roles for several years within different departments, but have also worked within local authority internal audit and risk assurance and have a keen interest in governance and how the trust seeks assurance for its risks and objectives alike, and how it measures the related outcomes.

Within these roles I have been able to collaborate with stakeholders, objectively analyse risk-based activities and then provide professional challenge to directorates and I believe governors are a vital aspect when it comes to providing this level of challenge.