Radiotherapy is an integral part of treatment for many malignancies, it is a cancer treatment where radiation is used to kill cancer cells. It may be used in the early stages of cancer treatment or after it has started to spread.


The radiotherapy service at Gloucestershire Oncology Centre is split across two sites Cheltenham General Hospital and Hereford County Hospital. We treat patients from Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Wiltshire, Shropshire, Swindon, and Powys. We treat approximately 2700 patients a year across both sites, adding up to around 35,600 visits annually for treatment.



Bridget Moore – Radiotherapy Services Manager 0300 422 3363

Clare Salmon – Pre-Treatment, Planning, and Deputy Radiotherapy Services Manager 0300 422 4043

Lisa Addis - Operations Manager 0300 422 2919

Bookings - 0300 422 4471

Our opening hours are:

  • 8am to 6pm for radiotherapy treatment
  • 9am to 5.30pm for pre-treatment and planning appointments
  • 8am to 8pm when our machines are being serviced or during high periods of demand.

Aims of radiotherapy department

For every patient the aim of the department is:

  • To provide all patients with the highest standards of care with quality, precision treatment and support
  • To treat all patients with dignity, respecting their privacy and personal preferences
  • To listen and respect patient’s wishes, working together to produce the best possible treatment experience

For our staff we aim:

  • To ensure they feel valued at work and are supported
  • To support them in enhancing and advancing their clinical skills and developing themselves professionally

Radiotherapy treatment is decided, planned, checked and delivered by a multidisciplinary team of tumour site specialist clinical oncologists, therapeutic radiographers and medical physicists. Radiotherapy staff are a highly skilled team who all work to provide patient-centred, safe, evidence-based, high-quality care.