Radiotherapy research

We have research radiographers in our team and take part in local, national and international radiotherapy trials. We contribute to the development of new treatments and techniques meaning that our patients have the opportunity to benefit from the most recent developments.

Education and Training

Gloucestershire Oncology Centre undertakes the training of radiotherapy students and the continuing professional development of its radiotherapy staff towards Master’s level qualifications and advanced practice. We are partners for the delivery of education and training with the University of the West of England and Birmingham City University.

Quality Assurance

The department is accredited by the British Standards Institution for providing a high-quality service to patients and continues to be assessed annually against this quality standard.

The staff work under a system of clearly documented protocols and procedures contained within the department Quality Management System. This ensures that consistent high quality treatment processes are assured and audited.

Treatment machines (Linacs) are regularly serviced and quality assured by Radiotherapy engineers and Medical Physics teams.