There's lots of advice available online or via support groups, helplines and websites

Diabetes and breastfeeding

Diabetes UK answers some common questions about breastfeeding with diabetes

The Breastfeeding Companion


Relactation is when someone restarts breastfeeding after a gap and has not breastfed for several days, weeks, months or years. Read more about it in this ABM guide

Online resources

There are several reliable sources of online information including:

NHS Start4Life

First Steps Nutrition Trust (information on infant formula)

The Baby-Friendly Initiative includes a leaflet on infant feeding during the Coronavirus pandemic

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers

La Leche League

The Breastfeeding Companion

Breastfeeding Support



Breastfeeding network: Glos


For more information on caring for your baby, see our maternity leaflets and information.