The delivery suite at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital is a state of the art facility, designed to give you the best possible service if you need medical assistance during labour.

You may give birth in our delivery suite if:

  • you need the help of a doctor to deliver your baby
  • you would like an epidural as pain relief during labour
  • you have a caesarean
  • you need emergency care during labour

Midwives will be on hand and you’ll have access to the latest equipment to support you through your labour.

Pain relief
You will be offered the full range and choice of pain relief options, based on your birth plan.
We also have a birthing pool room for pain relief and relaxation, which features the same mood lighting and individual touches as our birth units.


The facilities in the delivery suite include:

  • state of the art en suite delivery rooms
  • a birthing pool room
  • mobile monitoring, to help you experience the benefits of active labour
  • theatres and recover rooms
  • high dependency rooms

Once you have given birth, you will move to the maternity ward where the helpful staff will welcome you and your baby.

Caesarean section

Visiting the maternity ward

Visiting hours

Partners and baby's siblings 9am to 9pm

All other visitors 2pm to 3pm; 6pm to 7pm
Birth partners can stay overnight in the maternity ward in the bedside chairs provided.

We ask you to be considerate of others, and that phones are switched off between
10pm and 8am.