UK National Screening Committee (UK NSC) policy for the IDPS programme is to offer and recommend screening to all eligible women. This is to enable early detection and treatment for infections in pregnancy in order to significantly reduce the risk of mother-to-child transmission of infection.

The UK NSC recommends that systematic, population screening in pregnancy is offered and recommended to all eligible women for:

More information can be found in the NHS Infectious Diseases in Pregnancy Screening Programme Laboratory Handbook

Sample Requirements

8.5 ml of blood taken into a plain gel tube.

Gold top with cap

Required Information

Please provide the gestational age when the sample was taken and the tests required.

Storage and Transport

Transport at ambient temperature as soon as possible. Please refridgerate if immediate transport is not availalble.

Turnaround Time

Please allow upto 8 days turnaround. Samples yielding positive results are sent to a reference laboratory for confirmation.

Extra Tests

Antenatal screening samples can also be used for extra tests where specific clinical details are relevant:

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