A splint is a support prescribed to protect a broken bone or injury.

Upper Limb Splints

Wrist splint

A wrist splint is a support that will help immobilise your wrist and will be used for a variety of injuries. This may also include your thumb at times, depending on your diagnosis.

Mallet Finger

A mallet finger happens when the joint closest to the end of the finger cannot straighten by itself (although you may still be able to push the joint straight with your other hand). It is caused by injury to the tendon that straightens the fingertip or a fracture to the bone where the tendon joins. If left untreated, it is likely that your joint will remain bent. For more information regarding Mallet Finger take a look here


There are a variety of upper limb splints for various injuries and conditions you may not find included here. You will be given advice and instructions about your splint, after its application. You can contact us on the number below with any concerns.

Lower Limb Splints

Airstep boot with wedge

This boot has inflatable pads inside the boot to keep it firm and comfortable. The wedges have been inserted to aid your healing following a rupture/partial rupture of your Achilles Tendon.

Airstep walking boot

This boot has inflatable pads inside, to keep it firm and comfortable. It will keep you supported whilst your injury is healing.

Ankle stirrup

This brace will help give stability to your ankle whilst your injury is healing. It can be worn inside your own shoe.

Darco shoe

A Darco shoe is fitted so that most of your weight is transferred through your heel rather than your toes. This can be after trauma to your foot or after surgery.

Hinged knee brace

This brace will often be applied if you have injured your knee. It will help keep you comfortable and supported whilst you are healing or waiting for further investigations.

Range of Motion (ROM) Knee brace

This brace is applied for a variety of reasons either following an injury or surgery. It has a dial and settings around the knee to restrict movement which your doctor will specify during your treatment.

Static walking boots

A static walking boot has been applied to your lower limb to give you support and comfort whilst your injury is healing.


Patients are to return the walking aids to either the hospital or GIS once finished.


For further information please contact the plaster room.

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