Start a 5-minute timer. If you have a busy list then stop at 5 minutes. If the whole team wants to carry on beyond 5-minutes, then do!


The Theatre 5-Minute Flashcard project is run by the Practice Development Team, Simon Webster and Marshall Sangster. The current content leads are Madeleine Storey and Daniel Yeomans. The project was created by David Luther.

How does this work?


5-minute training sessions, relevant to the whole team


After WHO pre-list brief (or post-list brief if more convenient)


All theatres, across GRH and CGH sites


The whole theatre team, including anaesthetists and surgeons


To improve perioperative safety and team cohesion

Anyone can read the card, and anyone can answer, answers are on the flip-side, feel free to go off-topic and it doesn’t matter if you don’t complete the card