Find out how to refer a patient to our services.

NHS e-Referral Service

Referral forms

Law and ethics group erefer form

Following submission of the e-refer from, we will arrange a telephone conversation with the referrer within 24 hours to take place between 9am and 6pm.

Referrals to our clinical services can now be found on the G-Care website

If you need to contact one of our specialty teams, you can find contact details in our Services pages. For a specific consultant's details please take a look at our list of Consultants.

Perineal Clinic

Patients can be referred to the Perineal Clinic by a doctor, physiotherapists, midwife or health visitor. An eRefer form is coming soon

Telephone: 0300 422 6246 (Gynaecology outpatients)

Radiotherapy Late Effects service

Health professionals can refer patients or find out more about the service by emailing
You can also use the eRefer form

Maternity booking

All maternity booking is online, please visit our booking page