We are a small team of Specialist Nurses who are skilled in the assessment and management of children and young people with complex bladder and bowel issues in Gloucestershire.

Our aim is to promote healthy bladders and bowels in children and young people.

We assess and treat children's bladder and bowel difficulties, helping them to achieve continence with dignity.

This service provides support for children and young people who have challenges with their bladder and/or bowel health and function. Some children find that continence is not achievable for them and as they reach their fifth birthday, can be prescribed containment products, alongside continuing support with toileting programmes, aiming to encourage independence.

How can my child be referred?

Children and young people can be referred to us, directly, by their paediatrician.

However, most commonly, children are initially referred, by their GP, to the public health teams (School nurses/health visitors). They will have an initial assessment and possible treatment, prior to specialist nurse involvement if needed.

How are young people transitioned to adult services?

For young people who need ongoing bladder and/or bowel care, we aim to offer a joint appointment with the adult continence team prior to transition to adult services.

We ensure the process for assessment and ordering of ongoing prescriptions for continence products (when appropriate) is explained to the young person/ families/carers around the young person’s 18th birthday.

Our team

Specialist nurses

Team leads: Rachel Thomas

Team members: Sue Brown, Siobhan Whittingham

A support worker and toileting expert: Claire Pambianchi

Team administrator: Shaun Beasmore

Contact us

Call us at 0300 422 5308 or email the paediatric bladder and bowel care team at ghn-tr.paediatricbladder-bowelcareteam@nhs.net