At a Glance

We care for children and young people with diabetes from the ages of 0-18 years, predominantly Type 1.

We also care for children with Type 2 diabetes and Cystic Fibrosis-related diabetes. We provide a multi-professional service supporting children, their families, school and other organisations.

How can I refer my child to this service?

Children are referred via their GP to the Paediatric Assessment Unit at diagnosis. Children based outside of Gloucestershire are referred to us by their previous Consultant or GP.

How are children transitioned to adult services?

Children in Gloucestershire start the transition process at the age of 11 using the Ready, Steady, Go programme. They are transferred to adult services between the ages of 16-18 year depending on the individual circumstances.

Our team

Consultants: Dr Matthai, Dr Abitha Kujambal, Dr Cheney, Dr Balapatabendi

Nurses: Kate Dembenski, Sam Adamas, Emily Yiend, Rosie Shield, Jodie Padmore, Faye Cave

Dieticians: Fionna Davies, Irene Odeny

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)

Real-time continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and Flash glucose monitoring system (FGS Freestyle Libre) are new and evolving technologies in the management of type I diabetes. These devices measure glucose levels continuously in the interstitial fluid (tissue fluid) just below the skin and not the blood glucose. They give information about glucose levels every few minutes, allowing the user to see a graph of glucose levels with trend arrows that predict rising or falling sugar levels. They offer the potential to improve overall blood glucose control and also reduce hypoglycaemic episodes if used effectively.

We are now planning to undertake a phased roll-out of CGM and FGS service for children with diabetes in the county, starting in April 2019. This programme will be implemented gradually using selection process based on national guidelines. It is important that children and their families undergo training sessions and schools are supported, to use this technology effectively in order to maximise its benefits. Please discuss with the Paediatric diabetes team at your next outpatient clinic appointment for further information

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