At a Glance

We care for 0-18 year-olds all over Gloucestershire with a multitude of endocrine conditions including concerns about growth, puberty, thyroid or complex adrenal and pituitary to name a few.

We have nurse-led thyroid clinics and also work alongside our named consultants in specific endocrine clinics. All clinical tests are carried out in the Paediatric Day Unit.

How can I refer my child to this service?

Children are referred to us via their GP or another Consultant. 

How do children transition to adult services?

Children in the county start the transition process at the age of 11 using the Ready, Steady, Go programme. They are transferred to adult services between the ages of 16-18 year depending on the individual circumstances. 

Contact us

We are here from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.