The Falls Prevention Service offers assessment and management of falls, generally to people aged 65 and over.

Falls Prevention

Falls are common but are not an inevitable part of ageing. One in three people over 65 will have a fall each year. Most falls don’t result in serious injury but there is a risk that a fall could lead to reduced mobility and loss of independence at home, making it harder to manage. It may also cause loss of confidence, making it harder to leave the house alone, resulting in feelings of frustration and isolation. The majority of falls can be prevented with some simple changes to your lifestyle and your home environment. A fall can be a warning sign that you need a medical check-up or medication review. Tell your GP if you have a fall or if you are concerned about falling.

The booklets below give you important advice and information if you have had a slip, trip or fall or if you are concerned about falling.

Falls Prevention Leaflet

AGE UK top tips Staying Steady

SAGA Falls Prevention

Improving your fitness

One of the most important things you need to do as you get older is to keep physically active and avoid prolonged periods of sitting. Activities that improve your muscle strength and balance will help you keep steady on your feet and help prevent falls.

The human body is meant to move at every age and you can make significant gains in strength regardless of how old you are. It’s never too late to start. Start with simple physical activities that you enjoy.

The resources below will give you more information about what activities you can do to improve your strength and balance.

NHS Choices - Falls Prevention

Age UK - Falls Prevention advice

Physical Activity Guidelines for the older person

For more information about local exercise opportunities, contact your local council office or Age UK Gloucestershire on 01452 422660. Age UK Gloucestershire can also provide a free "Staying Steady" booklet.

Facing up to Falls

Facing up to Falls is a video which aims to provide families and older people with practical steps to avoid falls by highlighting key issues that lead to a tumble.

Download how to get up safely after a fall

Falls Assessment and Education Service

This service aims to reduce the number of people falling or at risk of falling in Gloucestershire through effective falls prevention information, education, assessment and intervention.

There is a clinical specialist physiotherapist based in each locality across the county. The physiotherapists provide specialist falls assessment with a focus on mobility, physical activity, balance and strength. This may be an outpatient appointment or may take place in the place of residence.

Advice and information will be given to reduce the risk factors with onward referral and signposting as necessary.

if you wish to refer yourself or someone to the falls service, please follow the link: Falls service - self referral

If you have any concerns about falling or wish to speak to someone about an assessment, please contact 0300 421 6241 Or email for further queries.

Medical Falls Assessment Clinics

Medical-led falls assessment clinics operate at Gloucestershire Royal, Cheltenham General, Tewkesbury and Dilke hospitals and referrals are accepted from General Practitioners.

Falls Assessment Clinic referrals should be sent to:

Cheltenham General Hospital

Falls Clinic

Cheltenham General Hospital

Sandford Road

GL53 7AN

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Falls Clinic

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Great Western Road



Tewkesbury Hospital

Medical Falls Clinic

Tewkesbury Hopsital

Barton Road


GL20 5GJ

Dilke Memorial Hospital

Medical Falls Clinic

Dilke Memorial Hospital

Speech House Road


GL14 3HX