Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Opening Times

7am - 7pm

The Discharge Lounge has been developed to provide a relaxed, comfortable and safe environment for patients awaiting discharge home or to another care setting.

The £1.5m modular building can accommodate up to 29 patients, which includes 20 patient chair spaces, 4 reclining chairs and 5 bed spaces. The Discharge Lounge team will be able to co-ordinate a patient’s discharge into the community or home, ensure medications are taken and look after the patient’s comfort whilst in the unit.


The Discharge Lounge is a safe, secure area which is equipped with seating for 20 patients, with a further 4 reclining chairs and 5 bed spaces. It also have disabled access toilet facilities.

In the lounge there are a range of books, puzzles, magazines available, and TVs will be installed for patients to use.

Patients will also be able to get hot and cold beverages and food whilst in the lounge and the team will work to support any special dietary requirements.

Opening Times and Location

The Discharge Lounge is open 07:00am until 7.30pm, seven days a week.

The lounge is located on Mayhill Way, next to the Women's Centre at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.