Cheltenham General Hospital

Opening Times

11am - 8pm

Endoscopy Booking Office


0300 422 6899

1st floor Oncology Centre, Cheltenham General Hospital

The Endoscopy Unit at Cheltenham General Hospital can be found on the first floor of the Oncology Centre at the back of the hospital off Keynsham Road.

We pride ourselves on providing a service that is timely, informative, efficient and friendly. Our aim is to provide the very highest standards of care to patients and relatives alike ensuring privacy and dignity are maintained at all times.

Contacting the ward

Booking: 0300 422 6359 and 6899. If you need to contact the Endoscopy Suite urgently please ring via Main Hospital Switchboard 0300 422 2222 and ask for the Endoscopy Unit stating which hospital site you require.

Please note: Smoking is not permitted in any building or within the grounds of any of our sites. Information and support is available to any patients who wish to stop smoking. Nicotine Replacement Therapy is available to help reduce your cravings during your stay.

Free Wifi

Free Wifi is available throughout our hospitals. If you have any difficulty accessing this, please speak to a member of staff.

Our services

In the Endoscopy service we care for adult men and women (both inpatients and outpatients) undergoing a variety of Endoscopic procedures. The main types of procedures undertaken are: Gastroscopy, EUS (Endoscopic Ultra Sound), Flexible Sigmoidoscopy, TRUS (Trans Rectal Ultra Sound), Colonoscopy, Enteroscopy, Video Capsule Endoscopy, Bronchoscopy, EBUS ( Endoscopic Bronchial Ultra Sound), PEG (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastroscopy) insertion, changes and removal, Oesophageal and Colonical stenting and ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography).

The facilities on the Unit include: - Toilets, Admission rooms, Changing areas, Sub Waiting areas, Levage rooms (for preparation pre-procedure), Side room / Isolation room, Recovery Areas - separate bays for male and female patients, Discharge Area with facilities to provide hot / cold beverages, Interview room for private talks with staff.

On arrival

On arrival to the Endoscopy Suite please report to the reception desk. You will be called through to an admission room by a trained member of Endoscopy Staff who will go over the documentation that is required prior to the procedure, they will ensure you know why you are here and that you understand what is going to happen during the procedure and afterwards.

Your blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen levels and respiratory rate will be checked. If you are a diabetic you will also have your blood sugar level checked before the procedure is carried out. You will have a chance to ask a trained nurse or doctor any questions you may have thought of and you will be asked to sign a consent form to show that you are willing to go ahead with the test.

When the paperwork is completed, the admission phase is complete and you will be asked either to return to the waiting room or will be shown to an appropriate changing area. This will depend on which procedure you are having done.

Bringing someone with you

Your relatives may wait for you in the waiting room during your procedure but they are encouraged to return home if it is not too far away. When your procedure has been completed the nursing staff will ring your relative/person collecting you and give them a definite time when you will be ready for discharge. Prior to discharge if you have had sedation there are some safety guidelines we need to make your escort aware of. Information pertaining to your procedure is confidential and will not be disclosed unless you agree to this.

Food and drink

There are two restaurants at Cheltenham General. The Blue Spa Café is located at the front of the hospital in the Centre Block. The Glass House Café can be found in St. Paul's Wing. Read more about food and drink in our hospitals

Medication Advice Line

If you have a query about any medication you are taking, especially if you are diabetic, taking anticoagulants (medication which thins your blood), or iron preparations, please call the Medication Advice Line on 0300 422 3370.

Please note that the Medication Advice Line is an answerphone. You will need to leave a message with your name, hospital number (MRN - you can find this on your appointment letter) and date of your procedure with your question. A qualified endoscopy nurse will return your call as quickly as possible. We aim to call you back by the end of the next working day. If the nurse can not speak with you directly she can only leave a message for you to call back. If you need to contact the Endoscopy Suite urgently please ring via the Main Hospital switchboard on 0300 422 2222.